Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 Confidence Building Steps You Need to Grow Your Freelance writing Business

Confidence Building Steps

Get it right, you didn't just pick freelance writing as a business just to stay in front of your laptop 24/7 and just write whatever that comes to your mind while your still need to pay some accumulated bills and change your wardrobe. If you are freelancing full time, you must understand that you are in business and that your aim should be to make out something reasonable in terms of money or money worth out of it.

Just as you need a will power to write, in the same manner, you need to be confidence to market yourself and jumpstart your freelance writing career.You cannot write for yourself alone and succeed; you must writer for others to read and appreciate your piece. There are some confidence building Steps you need to adopt that can make you a pro freelance writer

Professional writers, who have separated themselves from the pack in freelance writing where once jittery . They suffered several rejections and some of  them almost gave up just as you may be trying to do now, but somehow they applied these confidence building steps listed in this post and today the are celebrities.

 In the mist of your dark moments, if you can remember and take these steps, you will experience some dramatic improvement in your freelance writing business.

STEP 1.  Belief in yourself

You must believe in yourself before others can belief you. If you doubt whether clients will like your piece or not; whether they will like the structure, paragraphs and style of your work, you are perhaps going to be rejected. It had happened to me severally, and I learnt a lot of lessons.

Internet is choke full of writers and potential-to-be writers, but only few of these writers believe they can earn money freelancing. Others are loath to connect and reach out to clients.

What you are prepare to do when all your cold pitches are not reply is what will determine whether you will remain in this field and earn a living, or whether you will back out within a shortest time. 

STEP 2.  Learn And Relearn

The level of confidence you have now is determine by the wealth of experience you have acquired through learning. The main reason why many writers fill so unqualified to pitch big companies or agencies for writing jobs is because they are still nurturing this inward feeling that they are inexperience and incompetent. So, in order to overcome this fear, you have to build confidence by continuous learning and relearning

What Are you suppose to learn?

Among the things you are suppose to learn and know, there are basically three things you need to  learn and relearn.

  • English

English is the most popular and official language in the internet today. You will find it difficult to get freelance writing jobs online if you are still struggling to get grip with English language.

Your deficiency in grammar and poor communication exhibited through writing will limit your from reaching your set goal as a freelance writer. This will draw you back especially if you are not from English  speaking countries.

To be able to conquer this deficient outlook and build confidence, you just have to learn, relearn and master the rules in English which emerge on daily basis.

  • Online Marketing

There are emerging daily, better ways of marketing which you need to learn in order to more confidence to reach out to clients effectively. 

Online content marketing is the only way to present your piece before clients . You just have to be in front of potential clients at all times. So, you need to explore every means of getting there.

  • New Skills 

If all you know how to do as a freelance writer is just writing blog post, I think is time to learn more.There are other skills that will give you better pay, and also make you more confidence than you are now.

Writers who can writer fantastic landing page copies, e-books, Newsletters, white papers etc are earning great income today. Fortunately, there are wonderful tutorials that have been written by experts in these areas, and all you have to do is to do dig deep in google and you will get them for free. Or, better still, you can enrol for online courses where you will be thought and at the end you will be issue a certificate on these branches of freelance writing.

STEP 2.  Write

As a writer who has been writing for some time, I believe you get better and stronger when you write more. You might have heard that you have to write every day to get better. It shouldn't end in just writing for yourself or perhaps publish what you alone proofread and edited. 

Writing on you blog alone will not make you look like a confident writer. You need to leverage with other freelance writers out there to acquire experience on the dos and don'ts in freelance writing; you must surrender your piece for others to read, edit, criticize, comment and challenge what you write.

What do I Need write to build Confidence as a writer?

  • Group Post

If you are a freelance and you do not belong to any freelance writing group in the social media, you are simply limiting yourself professionally. This is because you need to be where people of like minds and professional writer are.

When you publish, share or link group members to your post, you invite them to read the post and either like or comment on it. I know that this may look scary to a new writers, but it is one vital way to build confidence. Your group members often pinpoints the defects in your piece which you learn from and move ahead without repeating those blunders. I invite you to join my facebook group, linkedin group and google+ communitiy by clicking any of the links below

  1. facebook group
  2. linkedin group
  3. google+community

  • Guest blogging
Guest blogging is a potent way of building confidence and growing your freelance writing business. Still, most writers see it as a waste of time and energy.

When you pitch a blog for guest post, you are taking a bold step to gain confident. If you're accepted and your work is finally published, you gain more confidence to pursue your goal as a freelancer.

  • E-books
Putting up an e-book has a way to building confidence in you. Thought of writing e-book scares a lot of freelances writers because they feel it requires a lot of research and reading which they feel is beyond their reach 

Writing e-books is not made for specified set of writers. If you are vast in freelance writing, you can write an e-book. what you need is just is to master the requisite skill.

STEP 4.  Connect More

Connect with other freelance writers if you really want to gain confidence and grow you freelance writing business. Don't assume that you are incompetent to interact with others, or that others are better than you. 

Connecting with other freelance writers in twitter, facebook, google+ and other social media always, and asking them for freelance writing jobs has a way of making you confident. 

To be able to connect with other writers effectively, it may involve you sending direct email and making inquiries about challenges you are facing . You can, also,  ask a professional writer you appreciates his/her writing style to proof read, edit and report back to you by sending a copy of the work to him.

STEP 5.  Search For Clients And Pitch Them

Don't wait anymore, it is time to take your business serious. Yes, you wouldn't feel good when your stay long without response from potential clients because freelance writing is not as unicorn and rosy as some writers presume.But, you gain a lot cold pitching and failing than not pitching client at all.

There are several places, outside freelance writing sites, magazines publications and job biding sites, to hang around and get freelance writing jobs. Google+, twitter, facebook and linkedin have freelance writers' community and groups for freelance writers to source for writing jobs


I know you want to be seen as a confident writer. Every freelance writer wants to be want that, too. Growing you freelance writing business career is not a dream you cannot attain  no matter where you are come from and the skill you initially have.

Your future is in your hands. You can decide to burn the bridges and get on with your career by believing in yourself, connecting more, learning as much as you can, devoting your time to write and sourcing for clients and pitching them anytime you get them.