Six Materials You Need Before You Start Freelance Writing

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I know (if you're not a freelance writer already) that you want to start freelance writing as a career, and you want to earn a decent income, freelancing, which will give you financial independence you desire.

I want you to know that you're not the first person with such vision. Every freelance writer has this goal.  Many of freelance writers, however, instead of securing financial freedom they desired; they have become victims of frustration and heartbreak.  Reasons for these failures are not far-fetched, they are as a result of poor planning and lack of focus.

Apart from computer skills, good command of english language, ability to write persuasively and high tech savvy, there're other materials you need to possesse,which if you have them, all other things are just consistency and continuity of research and learning.

1.  Register And host a Writer's Blog

A registered and Hosted writer's Blog is the first material you need to start your online writing career. Pages of your blog are what potential client will read to know about you, your destination and skills.

Your Writer's blog is where you display samples of your publish work for potential client to see and hire you . I have consequently written a great post on how you can own a professional legal blog if your niche is legal writing.

Why do You Need a Writing Blog?

Because Freelance writing is a business, and self-hosted writer's blog gives you credibility and make you look more professional than what you get when you use a free blog. 

If you are prepare to register and host your writer's blog, ensure that your blog  have a home page, an about page, a contact page, a hire me page etc. If you want a reliable and trusted site to register and host your blog, check namecheap (affiliate)

2.  Work Sample

Nobody wants to do business with a novice. Everybody, including me, wants to deal with a professional. The same thing is obtainable in freelance writing. Clients need the services of " An expert"and you can only showcase your expertize with a sample or samples of published work. So, getting publish in popular magazine publications or blogs is another material every aspiring freelance writer should strive for.

Getting publish in big blogs and popular magazines online are not easy these days. Young writers who are face with a line up of prominent writers sending articles and posts ahead on daily basis.  But, if you have a great content, you're likely going to be accepted "anytime and day" by editors of these sites and magazines.  Don't be intimidate by big names, just get to work and ensure you have great piece.

How to write great guest post is a popular post written by Karan Labra and published in  is a great resource for anyone looking for how to write a guest post that will not be rejected in any blog online.

Posting contents in various social media network is also very smart way of showcasing work samples. Companies, agencies, start-ups, blogs and magazine publications operate one social media network or the other. There're prospects of team members of these companies reading and sharing your work in social media if you post regularly.

Statistic has show that there're more than 189 million people on facebook and majority of them are mobile users. It's platform you've to explore for effective promotion of your work.

3. Professional Email 

Before thinking of reaching out to clients, make sure you have a professional email address that bears either you name or the name of your blog. Email address that bear you name and your blog's name is more professional than a free email addresses like Gmails and Yahoo mails

 For instance, "", contains both my name and my blog's name making it a professional email address.

You will look unprofessional and amateurish if you commence freelance writing with free email addresses. I use these email addresses for informal, social interaction like when I'm chatting with friends in facebook. I don't use them for real business like when i'm pitching clients, or when I'm doing some other thing serious online.

Google is the best private email providers. With $50/yr, you can secure a reliable private email address in google.

4.   Writer Resume

Just as you need a resume to get a job off line, in freelance writing, you also need a writer resume to get most of the freelance writing jobs publish in various job boards.

You may want to ask, why you need a resume to get freelance writing resume? The answer is not far- fetched. A resume is required to enable a potential client see your achievements, skills and abilities. Not all potential clients have the time to go through you social media pages as to know your good fit. A resume makes it easier for a potential client to know more about you. It's your "Hard copy about page" which you upload while applying for freelance writing jobs in freelance writing job boards

You don't need to submit a resume to get all freelance writing jobs, but you need it because you never can tell whether the next client that will come your way will demand for it. If you don't have a resume yet, i'm inviting you to read freelance writer resume sample. It will guide you on how to write and format you own writer resume.

5.  Strong Email Marketing

Freelance writing has a lot to do with emails. In fact, 98% of freelance writing work are done through emails. Every communication -- starting from when you're looking for a job till you get the job, do it and get paid -- are done through sending and receiving emails.

You are going to have some good piece which you will want your audience to subscribe for, also, you need a strong email marketing plan.

There're many email marketing blogs online that will give you the best of their premium services with just a few dollar. I use Mailchimp for my email marketing, and I'm inviting you to join mailchimp because they offer best services with little amount of money.  

6.  Converting landing Page

A landing is a designed web page affix somewhere in a blog (basically at the sidebar) for the purposes of generating a lead or clicking through a sale page of a blog.

Having your readers click through your blog home page through your landing page ONLY is not going to profit you much, there must be something you have to offer them (either for free or by premium) when they land in your site.

It is through a converting land page that you generate a lead such as an ebooks, tutorials and webinar registration etc. Note, You will not be able to market your product nor get subscribers, if you don't have a converting landing page in your blog

You want a strong converting landing page? Consult a freelance writer  to give your gorgeous and attractive landing page.

I believe you have gotten something. Best of luck in your freelance writing career.

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