Why You Should Not Change your Mind About Freelance lawyering

Freelance lawyering

My main goal in this post is to make you reconsider your view about freelance lawyering. I know you may be thinking of leaving your regular law practice to becoming a freelance lawyer. Or, as you are reading this post, you are about to leave law school, and you are wondering the prospect of making a living freelancing

There are no hard and fast rules in becoming a freelance lawyer. You have to become a lawyer( that being Call to bar and getting license to practice law) first, for you qualify to be a freelance lawyer. So, if you are not a lawyer yet, freelance lawyering is not for you. There are other qualifications you need, Which i am not going to discuss that now. Wait for my next post where i will discuss that extensively.

In recent times (since the growth of online marketing), number of freelance lawyer  have increased tremendously. Many lawyers are leaving solo practice, law firms, and other form of contract practices to becoming freelance lawyers. Companies and law firms are running much deficits as a result huge cost of retaining services of lawyers in private and corporate practice. Rising trend in every profession is that stakeholders are  seeking autonomy and liberty, which has made freelancing an urgent choice.

 Apart from enormous benefits attach to freelance lawyering, I have taken time to streamline these benefits so you shouldn't let go that dream of yours. As a freelance lawyer you have the following as an added advantage over those in traditional law practice.

No Geographical Limitations

One of the challenges confronting traditional regular lawyers is geographical limitations. "Lawyers in New York, Chicago and San Francisco are among the highest paid as a result of location" said Ruth mayhew a writer and a professional human resources consultant. Law firms searching for freelance lawyers cut across various states, and they are looking for lawyers with special skills and experience.

Freelance lawyers are not limited by jurisdiction and location, like their counterparts in solo practitioners and law firm CEOs and partners who are licensed only to practice in their states and locations

Networking with other lawyers outside your location exposes you to diverse areas of law which you cannot achieve where you are confine in an office environment. Every lawyer wants to be famous and be counted among the best, networking with other lawyers outside your jurisdiction creates a forum for your to exchange ideas while you strive to complete every assignment.

Choice of Location

As a freelance lawyer, you have choice of location where you will work. This type choice is not available to full time regular practitioners because clients most times are not sufficient and steady to warrant making this kind of choice.

You may be call to bar and license to practice in one state and still handle jobs for lawyers and law firms in another state provide the jobs are within your area of specialty. This one unique thing about freelance lawyering.

Availability of Jobs

Many lawyers assume that freelance lawyers do have steady and reliable jobs, therefore, it is impossible to make a living as a freelance lawyer. Logical as it sounds, this assumption is not correct because Freelance lawyering differ from regular law practice in terms of availability of job. Regular practice jobs are stable and static, lawyer in law office usually do similar jobs in one location for weeks and months without having an opportunity of do something different (either inferior or superior) in another location. But, a freelance lawyer is flexible, independent and resilient; he/she gets jobs from diverse source and in different locations .

There are places on line to sign up and register as a freelance lawyer. This sites supply you with client while you are at left to set your own rates

While you may be waiting for jobs in job sites, you can be handling other jobs from either former firms or referral from friends and colleagues. That is why every freelance lawyer need to have a dynamic marketing strategy by leveraging and networking with friends, colleagues and former partners, and also telling them about your new work and your location,

Apart from the above, there are job boards for freelance lawyers that feature daily, weekly job listings for freelance lawyers. Employers list theses jobs and freelance lawyers are expected apply for them. t

Can I get such a big line up of jobs? Yah! You will even found yourself rejecting jobs depending on your skills and expertise.

Liberty to Select Jobs

Freelance lawyers are not expressly ban from refusing briefs like traditional lawyers who are legally mandated by rules of professional conduct to take instructions from clients and to act according to clients' instructions with just few exceptions. Your clients are basically law firms with much job who needs an assistance of a independent lawyer and companies with immediate legal needs. No matter the angle you look at the job of a freelances lawyer, there is usually a sense of urgency which creates room for choices.

As freelance lawyer, sometimes you will be inundated with bulk of jobs that you have to make choices as to which of the jobs is more rewarding and high paying and the ones that is less rewarding with little pay.This type of choice is not available for lawyers in law firms and other private practitioners who get rope-up in the webs of their offices, dancing in the tune of deadbeats.

Liberty to Set Your Rate

Whether you are looking for jobs in a job site or job boards, freelance lawyer like other other lawyers in regular practice set his rate himself. This makes you unique among other freelancers online. Client usually dictate the fee for freelancers in other field, but freelance lawyers say how much their rate will be and how it will be determine.

Though it takes a lot to start, grow and succeed in freelance lawyering. Sometimes, you have to wait for days and months to get a call or job alert in your mails, clients will weigh you down with so much talk about fees and rates. However, there are several gains you will make in the long run if you persist  and and remain focus.

All I have stated in this post are some of the advantages you have as a freelance lawyer compare to those in regular practice.

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