5 Awesome Ways Writer's Blog Can Boost Your Freelance Writing Business

importance of  writer's Blog

Even in this competitive industry called "freelance writing", some writers are still nonchalant about setting up a writer's blog. Aspiring to become a pro writer without a writer's blog is like an artist who has all the necessary raw materials without cardboard paper to paint on.

Many who are new in freelance writing do not have writer's blog simple because it will cost them some buts to set up. They don't want to spend money to get a registered and hosted wordpress blog.

Setting up a professional writer's blog will cost you some dollar, but if you really want to take your freelance writing career to another level, your writer's blog should be your basic raw material.

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Okay, now let us look at the awesome ways writer's blog can boost your freelance writing career.

1.  Build Credibility

Sourcing for  writing job without writer's blog is like looking for an employment without a certificate.

There are hundreds of thousands freelance writers online today, including those with writer's blog and those without any, and each and every writer is competing to get one job or the other. Because this recent trend in the industry, potential clients are looking for the best writers with proven track records.

Apart from demanding for a sample of your publish work in reputable blog, clients are now lookig for samples of your work in your own blog. 

Showcasing samples of your work in your writer's blog helps you to build credibility and have better reputation than those who have none. If you have a writer's blog, potential client wouldn't be scared of you because they are given a platform where they can easily see what you are doing which will convince them to hire you.

2.  Showcasing Your Work Sample

Virtually all potential clients that want to hirer you will demand for work sample. It is the condition precedent you have to fulfill before talking about your rate. So simple as it is, many freelance writers have missed good gigs because of lack of work samples.

Setting up a writer's blog makes it easier for you to showcase your work samples. Many writers think that they can just package their work in one format and send it to clients who demand for it. They forgot that most clients are not interested mainly on volume of their work. Client's interest is to see how organize and well package your work is.

Pro writers don't send samples in pdf format; they prefer clients coming to their blog to check whatever they want.

Before you start promoting your site, ensure that you have excellent work on ground. Also, your work must be well packaged in a place where it is easily accessible by your readers.

3.  Information About You

The best way to provide elaborate information about you -- that is, "who you are and what you do"-- is to  include an about page  among other pages in your writing blog. 
Your bio, which forms part of your profile in various social media sites, only gives brief description of who you are. It does not provide elaborate information that potential clients wants. This is why you need a writer's blog to provide these personal data that clients usually ask for.
Showcasing Samples of your publish work is not enough for client to believe in you. Most times, potential clients look through the about page of your writer's blog for more in dept information about you and the services you offer. For instance, before i pitch a client, i usually cross check the about page of that client's blog because it is where i get more detail information i need to know about that client.

You will save potential client time of browsing through various social media sites in search of you identity, by simple giving them this information in the about page of your website. You tell them why they should hire you, and why you are the best freelancer they need at the moment.

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4.  Your Experience 

Upcoming freelance writers are desperate to hear your success and to learn from your mistakes, This is the beauty of freelance writing, and one main reason why you need to have a writer's blog.

You may ask "are there not writers community to join and start leveraging with other writers out there? ". The answer is "Yes", but your membership in those community has limit. It is not everything you want to share that is allowed in most of those writers communities on social media.

In your writer's blog, you have the liberty to share whatever you want provided it is " meaningful and constructive. It is a place where you can build your reputation by tackling issues that affect writers generally.

One search engine optimized post you publish in you blog out weighs more than thirty posts you published in various social media in terms of value.

5.  Your Blog Readers Are Your Potential Client

Many freelance writers get their clients through their blog. They have clients reach out to them through their blog,

 You will really get many writing gigs and that will change your earnings where you have a writer's blog that is rich in contents

 Blog readers are potential clients. This is  why you should strive to publish good content in your  writer's blog.

Potential Clients assess your writing ability by reading published posts in your blog. Also, other freelance writers, who may want to refer clients to you, judge your writing skills base on what you often write in your blog. If what you post regularly in your blog is appealing, you will automatically position yourself for constant inflow of writing gigs. So, it is time to hit the ground running and try to never stop until you set up you own writer's blog with great number of visitors.


Great number of writer have gotten breakthroughs and are smiling every day because the have great contents in their writer's blog.

You will be able to showcase your work samples, share your experience and provide other information which will build strengthen your profile and boost your freelance writing career, if you have a well design writer's blog.