Why You Need Published Work Samples To Kick Start Your Writing Business

importance of published work samples to a freelance writer

 Published work samples are part of basic materials  you need before you can start freelance writing as a business. You cannot get clients, who will pay you high, if you don't have published work samples.

However, you are not worse off if you don't have published work sample yet; you are like other writers, whose cold pitches do not receive attention of editors. So you need to put in more effort in your business.

You gain reputation, and will likely be a good fit for virtually every writing job you are looking for if you have published work samples.

Lets see what you stand to benefit if you have published work samples in big, reputable, blogs and magazines

☛   Confidence

New freelance writers lack confidence to bid for writing jobs because they don't have any publish work sample to boost their writer's resume.

Nothing gives you confidence  like having your piece publish here and there in various reputable blogs, both in your niche and outside your niche, or in diverse social medial networks.

You can only be bold to tell clients your rate where you have quality clips to show.

Professional writers, who command high rates are those whose works are always appearing in big blogs. It's what differentiates a skilled writer from a newbie, and one of  the reasons why some writers can boldly turn down a prospect who cannot pay what is commensurate with their skills.

Also,your negotiating power is enhanced where your post have been published in prominent sites like the huffington post, New york times etc.

☞   Attracts And Impresses High Paying Clients

High-paying prospect are looking, everywhere online, for freelance writer with published work sample. And not writers whose profiles are short of quality clips.

Perfect way of impressing these clients is to show them your best published piece.

Nothing attracts and impresses clients most, which makes them seek you out, like showcasing samples of your published work. It position you better than other writers in the roll and makes your job search a lot easier.

You can get writing gig with just two or three cold pitches where you have great clips for prospects. Provided they're quality samples, and they are relevant to your prospect's industry.

However, you will keep on struggling with clients, and most times lose many opportunities, if you don't have published work samples.

Again, potential clients won't take you serious if you don't have writing samples that will convince them that you are a skillful writer.

☛ It Showcases Your Writing Style

Sometimes, there are particular writing style potential clients are looking for in every writer they want to hire, and they hire only writers with this style of writing and drop others.

Clients examine your published work samples in other to ascertain whether your piece is in line with what they want, and if you don't have quality published piece to show them, or you show them links to the published works in your blog alone which most times are full of inaccuracies and disorderliness as a result of poor editing, they will drop you and go for another writer who has what they want.

In freelance writing, the best writer, who display excellent work samples, is usually the choice of many potential clients. So, why not drop other priority and start looking for reputable places in your niche to get your post published. If you piece is turn down, persist, try other places and don't relent until your post is published

There are no other way to convince potential clients and make them dance to your tone, even against their choice , than showcasing your writing style through your published work sample.

☛  It Showcases Your Experience And Expertise

The simplest and logical way to showcase your expertize, and make prospects believe you're an experience writer is to display samples of your best published piece.

A well-couched cold email and advance marketing don't most time yield great results like quality clips. Because what it takes to top other writers in the hiring list is not how persuasive or  thorough your cold pitch is but the standard and quality of your published work.

Some writers think that it's  waste of time to guest post for free, or to send out articles for publication to editor for free. They prefer, however, to rush to biding sites in search of writing jobs that will pay them token than spending time to get published in reputable websites or magazine publication .

Every writer is assess base on the quality of his/her published contents. No matter how good your writing style may be, if you don't have at least one published content outside what you publish in your blog, no body will take you serious. Believe me, you will still be seen as beginner; you will still appear amateurish in the eyes of expert writers.

Get me right, you don't need volume of published work samples to kick off your freelance writing career, one published work can save you the embarrassment of seeing you pitches being turn down every now and then   

☛  Search Engine Optimization

Most potential clients are in  need of writers with writer's website that ranks well in search engine. What they need is not your writing skill alone, they equally need post that will rank well in search engine.

Manipulating keywords in a post to get to the top in search in engine doesn't appear to be working these days, rather, good backlinks from big websites with substantial traffic can do the magic. It can skyrocket your blog post and place it on the top of in  google search results

Quality published post, which has been commented upon and shared by other bloggers and writers, gives your site good ranking in the search engine. If your site ranks well in search engine, potential clients will see you and contact you whenever they need freelance writer.

Published work samples that covers important issues in other niche attract great backlinks which serves as good search engine optimization strategy.

To get publish in other blog in your niche or to see your articles being publish in any magazine publication is not a rocket science, as some new writers presumed. Other writers have gotten many of their post published.

So why do you think yours will not scale through. It might take some time to get featured especially for beginners. But"it is not impossible".

 Again,  getting  featured in a big, popular blog is  " a breakthrough "  you need to kick-start your Freelance writing career which will keep you smiling all through. And it will build confidence in you, attrack and impress high paying clients, showcase your writing style to prospects, showcase your experience and expertize and finally give your site a good ranking in google search engine.

Are there other positive things you think published work samples can do in the career of a beginner freelance writer? Lets here it. Comment and share your view below