Effective Law Firm Marketing Tools For Small law Firms

Law Firm marketing tools

Are your struggling with law firm marketing?  Or you're looking for great medium to start reaching out to clients without being promotional. It's time to stop thinking and asking questions. Because the more you do, the bigger and more challenging the task appears .

Most small firms of our day are experiencing drastic reduction in their client base. The reason for this drop is because Lawyers and other staffs in these firms don't know how to do effective law firm marketing.

They don't know about the existence of law firm marketing tools which are capable transforming their marketing records. And Others, who know, are not using it because they are more keen to maintaining their professional outlook than indulging in marketing. So, large chunk of  budget of these latter firms are geared towards equipping their various law firms.

Before we proceed, let's know what Law firm marketing is all about.

Law firm marketing is an integrated effort of a law firm to discover and satisfy client's needs. It supersedes, as some lawyers believed, rendering services to clients in exchange for legal fees.

 It requires good planning and utilization of best marketing tools.

 Kinds of Law firm Marketing Tools

For proper and better understanding of this topic, I will categorize Law firm marketing tools into two:

 1)  Online Law Firm Marketing Tools 

Online law firm marketing tools are those marketing strategies that are executed online. They are means through which law firms reach-out and interact with their clients without the latter coming to the firm for legal services. It includes:
  • Law Firm Websites
Law firm websites is an easiest law firm marketing platform for small law firms. If your law firm has a website or a blog with update of achievements and successful projects, you are well out for successful law firm marketing.

Because Most prospects are searching and looking for legal services online, you have to serve up marketing by creating a quality law firm website.

Great Law firm website is easy and cheap to host. Here is my best piece on Sure Effective Ways of Owing a Professional Legal Webiste. In this post, I listed and explained step by step ways by which you can set up a  professional legal webite.

It's on law firm website you can publish relevant contents on a specialized area of law.

According to the report by findlaw U.S consumer legal Needs survey, 38% of people use the internet to find an attorney.

Existing Clients easily get updates of what is happening to their briefs through the law firm's website. Also, potential clients, who are the engaged audience of the law firm's website, assess the performance of the law firm through its regular published contents.

  • Online Coaching
This is another effective law firm marketing tool. To be able to do online coaching and maximize the impacts, small law firm should be conducting online coaching for clients and engaged audience regularly ( quarterly or yearly). It should be free for anyone who wants to participate.

Online coaching is one potent tool for reaching out to clients and the outside word, but it is often neglected. Most law firms, through an interactive online coaching, have been able to tackle some legal problems that confronted their clients and the legal industry at large in the past.

  • Video Production
Video production is an emerging law firm marketing tools that is quite unknown to so many small law firms. Since the inception and advancement of visual technology virtually everything which is  documented before can now be package in form of a video.  

Inspite of the enormous benefits of using videos to do online marketing, it is a daunting task for some lawyers in some law firms. 

Today, there are various places online where anybody can make videos for free. If your law firm utilize this medium to put up a video that will cover some recondite area of law without being promotional, and if the video is place in your firm's website or other (reliable places online) wherein your clients are encourage to visit the site, watch and subscribe, it will be a great resource for your clients.

  • Leveraging Online Communities, Groups or Connections
Online communities, groups or connections are great marketing tool for lawyers. If a small law firms want to hear and know the opinion of their clients and other law firms, leveraging different online communities, groups or connections in the social media is the key.

Online legal community, group and connections in the social media allow members to make contributions on crucial legal topics that will impact into the lives of other members and as well as  the general public.

If you or any member of your law firm belongs to either of these groups or communities, you can raise a marketing project of your firm as topic which will draw the attention of other members and contributors. Comments made by other group members can assist your firm to execute the project faster and easier.

  • Law firm Directories

This is the best platforms to do profitable and effective law firm marketing. It is where lawyers interact and share ideals with other lawyers about law firm marketing.

In all categories or subcategories of every law firm directory, there are discussions about current issues in different areas of practice for every law firm to benefit.

Your law firm can join as many of these directories as possible, post comments and share links with the mindset that potential clients visit this directories. Visitors search for legal information and legal advice. They also look for competent lawyers who can handle their legal matters in these directories. It is really an ideal place for small law firms to hang around.

Here are some of the profitable law firm directories

2)   Offline Law Firm Marketing Tools

This is the commonest tool used by virtually all  law firms that have embraced marketing. While there have been some systematic adjustments in law firm marketing because of fear not to be too promotional, offline marketing has remained a sure effective way small law firms interact with their client.  These Offline law firm marketing tools include:

  • Rendering Pro bono Services
Pro bono services are effective marketing tool that have been overlooked by many law firms because of lack of immediate financial attachments.

Handling cases on pro bono is one way your law firm can project its services to the domain of potential clients. Many big law firms uses it as a bait to attract the attention of people who most times turn out to be their great clients in future.

By participating in legal clinic programmes, small law firms can be able to educate people on the right way to get their legal problems resolve. 

Most court judgments gotten through a pro bono cases are usually accorded high recognition when it comes to rating a law firm's performance. So, it is really a profitable venture for small law firms  which can easily bring bring a small law firm to limelight.
  • Participating in Conferences And Legal Talk Shows
Bar conferences, legal talk shows are other effective law firm marketing tools for members of small law firms. It is usually a forum to connect with friends, clients and public at large.

They are good forum, where lawyers in law firms communicate, network and exchange ideas with friends and colleagues and as well gain more information on how to handle critical legal issues.

Participants in these conference usually came with fresh ideas to tackle some of challenges of lawyers and law firms. Members of small law firms can strategically market their law firm either by delivering lectures or given out brochures.

  • Giving Away Free Books 
You can, with marketing intention, write a book that addresses one vital legal topic that is prevalent in the state. Your Law firm can sponsor the publication of the book. If the book is publish, you can go further to give it out to your clients, friends, interested members of the public and by so doing draw the attention of their readers to the services they render.

How Effective Law Firm Marketing Can Improve Services of Your Law Firm

Most small law firms are experiencing great depreciation in their client base and the reasons for this is not far-fetched. This shortfall could be as a result of lack of marketing plans or poor execution of an existing marketing plans.

There is no doubt that effective law firm marketing gives any law firm good reputations, and good 
Reputation is what separates a law firm from the pack. It lures potential client into throwing their cats into the ring.

Effective and strategic marketing will earn your law firm clients' confidence and you know that confidence is vital in every relationship including client -- attorney relationship.

Through effective law firm marketing, many big law firms have increase their client's base. They are now branching out into other specialized areas of legal practice.

Prominent Law Firms With Improved Service Delivery And Marketing Exploits

1)  David S. Egan of  Reed Smith LLp, a leading international law firm that represent leading international business from fortune 100 Corporations to Mid-market and emerging enterprises, has this to say about Reed Smith law firm,
                "Our law firm studied how clients access biographical data, how they
                 connect to our site, and how they navigate for links to other informations'"
Their benefit is that their lawyers practicing in various branches of law know their clients needs inside and out.

2)  Adam L. Stock, director marketing and business development, Allen Matkins , who use videos when marketing attorney services said,

           "The ability to continually fine-tune and improve a video marketing program is one of the most exciting aspect of this new medium, and any firm with access to technical know how, creativity and time can make it work for them."

He went further to affirm "The good news is that, if you spend your dollar wisely, you can use videos to compete with large firms with bigger marketing budgets."

Indeed, law firm marketing is important to every law firm especially small ones who are looking for means to grow their law practice. If you are a staff of any of these small law firms, I believe through reading this post, you are now well informed about the effective law firm marketing tools. You could help in passing this good message on by sharing this post to any of your social media group.