Top Tips For Improving Your Writing style And Getting Better Results

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Are you stuck in rut of re-writing and deleting every paragraph, word or phrase in your copy? Does your writing style suck without anyone paying attention to what you write?

Maybe you have been struggling to improve your writing style and all to no avail. Or maybe because prospects and editors had been rejecting your samples, so you have started thinking of ditching way freelance writing as a full time career

As far as freelance writing is concern, no copy or project is the best and no writing style, used by any writer, has been universally accepted as the best. Every freelance writer you see is fixing things up  to get the best piece.

So, Shrug-off the idea of giving up freelance writing and lets diagnose the tips I've applied that improved my writing style

1)   Understand Different Types of Writing Styles

Before you started thinking of improving your writing style, you should have learnt and understood different types of writing styles known in English and use by Authors and writers.

If you don't know the type writing style you should use in any project you have, there is no way you will do it perfectly. You will always struggle.

Basically, there are four different kinds of writing styles which have been accepted and used by various English Author.  They have been well addressed by Syed Hunbbel Meer, in this post title "Four Different Types of Writing Styles". The pro writer listed follows:

  • Expository
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive 
  • Narrative
Each of these writing styles has unique rules you won't fail to apply if you want to master any. For instance, when you are writing a content that is expository, like I did in this post, you're are not expected to write you own opinion. All that are required in this circumstance are for you  to explain the topic and give illustration that are not persuasive.

The same thing is applicable to other writing styles. They have unique rules that governs them which editors and prospects would like to see before they rate your sample.

2) Use More of First And Second Person Pronouns

Most Blog contents and marketing copies are written in form of interpersonal communication between two people. They are written mostly in first and second person pronouns and ideally with an active voice. 

Commonest first and second person pronouns we have are "I and You". And substantial use of these pronouns in your blog content or marketing copy will make it more conversational which is in consonance with modern online writing. 

I use many of them in my blog post, including this one, and they have changed things for me. 

Again, the Use of  first and second person pronouns in the opening paragraphs of your piece makes you sound like an authority in the topic under discourse and your readers see you as a teacher    and not just a writer.

Here are what you should do :
  • Begin a paragraph with "YOU" when you're addressing or counseling your reader
  • Use "I"  to share your experience with your reader.
  • Use the above first and second person pronoun as many time as possible in every assignment.

3)    Use Relevant And Gripping Subheadings

Nothing underrates your copy more like using unrelated subheads to follow-up a heading. It's distracts the flow of your idea and often throw your readers into confusion.

Blog Visitors don't stay long reading a copy which talks about different things    they love to engage much with contents that address an issue with relevant and gripping subheadings.

In Erika Fitzgeral's article title, "How Creative Subheadings Can Make or Break Your Content", the professional writer and short fiction hobbyist Said, " just as great protagonist has a great supporting character, every great headlines has great subheadings".

I agree with the great writer because there is really no good content without quality subheadings. They add features to your content which turn your readers on and make them stay until they finish reading your copy.

One great thing I do in all my posts is to march every headline with insightful subheading and lots of people has applauded my writing style which make them to seek me out at all times.

4)    Avoid Repetition of Words, Phrases In Paragraphs

The type of Words or Phrases you use in a copy can make or mar the copy. Your content will not appeal to prospects where the  paragraphs contains repetitive words or phrases.

One of the virtues freelance writers ought to have is the ability to mix up words in sentences. It's a great writing style which every freelancer should adopt because nothing makes editors frown at you content like, where they read your content and discover too much repetition of words.  Most times, they simply turn you off and click away.

When I started in September, 2016, I was clueless about the effect of writing style on my contents. Because of my poor writing style then, I lost lots of assignment which almost brought my dream of becoming a good freelance writer to a halt. I continued that way till I came across books and contents on writing style.

Now my writing style has taken a new shape because I'm applying awesome tips I got from these books. The same thing will happen to you, if you stop repeating words and phrases and try to mix things up a little in each paragraphs of your content.

5)   Cut Down Your Paragraphs 

The size of your paragraphs tells a lot about your writing style.

Normally, academic writers prefer writing pages with long paragraphs to one with short paragraphs. But content writers, write short paragraphs because web content readers flow well reading contents with short paragraphs

If you want your contents or copies to get desired result, it's time you begin to cut down your paragraphs. 

Short paragraphs makes your content look more concise and easily readable than long paragraphs.  And prospective clients these days likes contents, though abridge, but with relevant points. And they go after writers  with this kind of writing styles

Each paragraph of your copy should address one idea, and it shouldn't be more than four sentences (maximum)    unless you're an academic writer. And the ideas should flow from the heading 

Most writers, while writing, stray form the article idea into different things just to make sure the get something to buoy up their points. A lot of them mix up ideas in paragraphs which result to confusion rather than great thought.

6)   Submit Your Samples For Further Editing 

Another great away of improving your writing style is by submitting all your samples to an editor for further editing. It's a way of testing you writing style which most writers have not figured out.

Some writers hire editors to edit their content before they publish or mail it out to prospects. A good editor will go through your piece and tell you what and what you did wrong and how you can tweak it to look better.

The idea of an editor editing every content a writer turns out don't seem to resonate with most writers. They feel editors are critics who don't found anything good in their piece. But they fail to understand that an editor, editing their sample, will helps to improve their writing styles. 

Inasmuch as I recommend self- editing to most writers, I'm of firm opinion that the insight which an external editor will give you in the course of editing your sample will go a long way in changing things for you. 

It's not proper for you to remain horizontal about your writing styles. Try to improve the way you write today and editors, prospects and good clients will seek you out.

If you learn and understand all the writing styles use by English Authors, use more of first and second person pronouns in your samples, use gripping subheadings to march your heading, cut down long paragraphs and further edit your piece, your writing style will improve and you will start getting great results.

What else do you know about writing styles? I'd love to hear from you. let's talk more on facebook.

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