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 Legal Magazines That Pay Freelance Legal Writers

I tried to profer solutions to the challenges facing freelance legal writers by listing out magazines that pay freelance legal writers. All you have to do is to carefully study the submission guidelines of these magazines to know their article requirements.

1.  Aba journal

    Pay: Unspecified

Aba journal is flagship magazine of the American Bar Association, covering the trends, people and finances of the legal profession from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

They invite prospective legal writers to write articles on topic of interest to lawyers who try cases and judges who decide them. Before you submit your work, read up their guidelines for contributors.

2.  Health lawyers

     Pay: Uspecified

Health lawyers is a Leading health law to excellence through education, information, and dialogue, the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) is the nation’s largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the health care field with nearly 14,000 members. All articles for publication must fall within their three article categories, so they expect writers to read contribution guidelines before submitting their queries .  

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

3.  Police k-9 Magazine

   Pay: Uspecified

Police K-9 Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that serves K-9 law-enforcement officers and supervisors. With readers in 54 countries around the world, Police K-9 Magazine is one of the most widely read and distributed K-9 publications. Their content includes articles about narcotics, explosives, and patrol K-9 training and deployment, interdiction, SWAT, K-9 use in detention/correction institutions, accelerant and cadaver K-9s, military K-9 use, supervisory issues, legal and health issues, K-9 equipment, record keeping and more. Writers who want to writer on topics outside the specified topics are expected to contact the editorial board before sending their queries.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

4. Today's General Counsel

Pay: Uspecified

Today’s General Counsel publishes articles for general counsel, their staff, and a wider audience of c-suite executives who want to stay informed about regulation, compliance and recent litigation as a way to both avoid problems and devise profitable business strategies. Interested writers are expected to read their guidelines for writers before submitting their queries.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

5. Nevada Lawyer

    Pay: Unspecified

Nevada lawyer welcomes the submissions of article outlines, manuscripts and photographs on topics of interest to the State Bar of Nevada and its members. Freelance legal writers are expected to read throughly samples of published work of the magazine before sending their queries. Completed articles are preferred to outline or proposals.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

6. Lawyerist

    pay: 10 cent per word

Lawyerist is home to the largest online community of solo and small-firm lawyers in the world. The magazine accept article submissions from practicing lawyers, law professors, legal service providers(including freelance legal writers). Writers are expected to read their submission page before submitting their query.

7. Paralegal

    Pay: Unspecified

Paralegal Today is the leading independent magazine geared toward the needs of the rapidly expanding paralegal profession. This publication works on query basis only and expects articles to revolve around the magazine’s subjects. There are detailed submission guidelines on their website, so do consult these before writing anything.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

8. The Federal Lawyer

pay: Unspecified

The Federal Lawyer is the only magazine written by and edited for lawyers who practice in federal courts or have an interest in federal law as well as judges who sit on the federal bench. Writers are expected to read their submission guidelines before submitting their articles. Also, Writers are encouraged to submit any relevant photos, graphs, or charts that they feel may add visual impact to the presentation of their written pieces.

Payment should be negotiated when pitching the magazine.

9. Thailand Law Forum

     pay: On per-word basis

The Thailand Law Forum (TLF) accepts quality contributions from freelance writers.  Articles should be law related or address other social or business and investment issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Freelance writers are expected to request for a copy of current topics from the editor before submitting their work. The forum accepts suggestions for article from established writers.

Pay:  $50- $2,000 for articles

California lawyer welcomes articles from lawyers and freelance writers. If you are an attorney and wish to submit an original article or a topic suggestion to California Lawyer, send a brief proposal (not a completed article) to the appropriate editor. Note: the magazine do not allow unsolicited articles. So, make sure you read their submission guideline before sending your queries.

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